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 Prison Ministry

King of Glory's "Prison Ministry" reaches out with the Gospel message to five facilities:


1) Swannanoa Correctional Center For Women (SCCW - aka "the prison")

2) Black Mountain Substance Abuse Treatment Center For Women (BMSATCW - aka "the rehab")

3) Henderson County Detention Center (HCDC - aka "the jail")

4) Abba's House (Home for addicted moms, pregant or with young children)

5) Western Carolina Rescue Mission (WCRM - aka "the rescue mission")


Outreaches include strong evangelistic Gospel messages, testimonies, Biblical and spiritual teaching, activation and live, on-the-spot salvations, physical healings, miracles, inner healing of the soul and deliverance - plus plenty of lively and powerful praise and worship and personal prayer. Since 2010 we have prayed the prayer of salvation with over 2300 people through this ministry.


We also bring active inmates to our church to be baptized, usually one Sunday per month. Since 2010 we have baptized over 400 inmates.


We have a team of very mature, stable, safe, gentle and loving people who are dedicated to seeing the Kingdom of God invade the lives of these inmates and their families, and seeing the cycle of self-destructive behaviors come to an end.


Female ministers may also be certified to bring inmates to church on Sunday or take them shopping or other public places. Both male and female ministers are invited and welcome to join us for the once-a-month Friday night programs.


Dan and Jennifer Webb are the leaders of this very exciting, rapidly growing,dynamic ministry.


For SCCW, BMSATCW and HCDC, participants may be men or women, and must be at least 21 years old. For WCRM and Abba's House, participants may be men or women, and there are no age restrictions.


If you have questions or are interested in participating in this ministry, please contact Dan Webb.


You can reach Dan on his cell phone at 828-333-0614 or email

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